Friday, July 8, 2011

Amazing by Joanne

Amazing. The word for the week for me. Amazing how Matthew keeps going and going and going. Amazing that we are TRYING to keep up with him! Amazing how God has provided strength for the team both mentally and physically. Amazing how the people of Florida Norte have welcomed us (I have never been hugged and kissed so much). Amazing how God has provided everything we need.

Last night Magda cooked for us - lasagna! Each bite was heaven. Truly. She also made us a salad and garlic bread. Matthew, Mark and Diane have had her wonderful cooking the last time they were here and last night was the first night we were able to have her come and cook. What a blessing it was to sit down as a team and enjoy a great meal.

Wendy did her final presentation last night and her strength in getting it done was amazing! She has been working nonstop this week and the final push last night went so well. Matthew did a section on ministry leaders and Diane did her testimony by herself in Spanish! And she was worried about her Spanish. The church leaders loved it! She was even told her Spanish was great.

Amazing - Pastor Jamie last night. He presented a model for Florida Norte and did it flawlessly (at least as far as us non Spanish speakers go! He used the slides that were projected with amazing skill. And was ready for questions after and no one had any. Amazing considering he was talking about changes in the church.

Amazing it is already Friday. Amazing that we have a packed day again today. We are going to do a little shopping and then this afternoon is full with the final soccer clininc and last day of VBS and then the final leadership training. Tomorrow is a full day retreat for the adults at the church and dinner with the young adults.

Hugs and love to everyone. I am so grateful for the prayers, we feel them all.

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