Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What day is it? Wednesday already?! From Joanne

2:20 on Wednesday and very few of us know what day it is! What a wonderful thing to lose track of time.

Our schedule has been very full but wonderful. Today we had another day of soccer clinics and fun with the kids. Mark and Abel ran the soccer clinic perfectly. Barbara, Matthew and I worked (or I should say, tried to work) with Gimp. What fun it was to see all the kids, boys and girls, of all ages sit and knot and weave. Barbara is a Grammy magnet, the kids come right up to her and hug her and love all over her. When we get home we will have to say "Hermana Barbara" in Spanish for you! I don't think any of us will ever say Barbara's name without the accent again! The kids ended back at the church for water and a prayer. Jenny, who is on the church leadership team has such a gift with the kids. I see a sea of little people which overwhelms me and she turns kid chaos into organized fun. Amazing.

Wendy and Diane worked with Pastor Jamie this morning on the leadership structure project. I am sure one of them will blog about it later. Tomorrow I will be glad to have both of them back with us when we do the final soccer clinic and VBS closing.

For those of you who know me, this trip alone is an act of God. I never thought I would ever be a goer. I have always loved being a sender but never thought God would have me be a goer. Words fail me to describe it all really. I am thankful for the opporunity to see this part of the world. I am overjoyed to know that no matter what language we speak we all praise the same God.

Love to everyone.

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