Thursday, July 7, 2011

Explaination of the Popcorn Turkey!

So it is now thursday morning and we are all getting ready to go visit an orphanage. Last night we had an amazing dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse! We ate many different kinds of beef and of course the best cuts were coming out after we were very stuffed. But don't worry we were all able to force it down!

At soccer today I was very glad to have Abel with me to help translate and organize the kids. I could have definitely used Hannah and Jake to help me demonstrate some moves! Maybe someday!We are all very glad that Abel is here to help Diane when translating. Today at VBS they had about 143 kids! Truly amazing to see how God is using Florida Norte to spread the gospel to so many children.

Ok, I am sure you are wondering about the popcorn turkey project. While eating an amazing meal at Pastor Jaime's house, I of course decided to show off my creative side! I made a Turkey out of paper that can be used to put popcorn in at Thanksgiving! Even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving everyone got a good laugh.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, we can definitely feel God's presence on our team and with each day's events. 

Dios Sabe,


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