Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th from Barbara

Hi,  Everyone!  What a grace this trip is!!!!! The team, the Florida Norte Church, the children....all wonderful!

Yesterday was a miracle!  We came to bring an organizational plan to the Church to assure their growth and the ability to handle it. Wendy has been phenomenal!  Today the Pastor came to the Guest house and he, Wendy  and Diane and Matthew spent the day meshing our plan to the Florida Norte community needs.   It was amazing.  Pure God given wisdom. Later tonight the Pastor and Wendy will present it to the Church members.

Today we went to an orphanage to play with the babies....I did better than expected, I only fell in love with 2 of them!!!!!!!  We then went to VBS and had great fun.  Yesterday there were 140 children.  Ten years ago before we started coming here there was no VBS. God given grace!

Keep praying because God is certainly alive and well in Cuchabamba!!!!

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