Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We are home!!! From Barbara

We are home! We arrived home today after a long but "no hitch" travel schedule.  Yesterday was very sad, saying good-bye! I have to admit I was the teary eyed one.  The people of Florida Norte are dear, loving folks.

Sunday night their entire service was a celebration for us before we were to leave.  There were songs, many prayers, 2 dances (fabulous!), food, gift giving and lots of hugs and kisses.....some folks 2 and 3 times.  We felt appreciated greatly.

Most difficult of all was saying good-bye to the Pastor's family. We spent almost the entire week with them....they devoted themselve 100% to what we needed....food, rides, sightseeing etc. etc. etc.

We had to promise to see them again...their 19 year old asked me if he could climb in 1 of our suitcases....if only...

When we arrived at the air port there were about 15 members of the congregation there to wave us off.  They were still on the observation roof waving when our plane took off.

Our team has a new "team word".  On Saturday at the retreat we did a team building game with everyone using hula hoops.  It was great fun and very effective in their need for unity.  Their word for hula hoop is oola-oola.  So this is the new name for fun and enjoyable times.

I will sign off now thanking all of you for your prayers and donations...and wishing you an oola-oola day!

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