Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Soccer Time! A blog from Wendy

Today was our first soccer clinic and Mark sure was in his element!  We arrived on Bolivia time (a few minutes late) and had about 60 kids waiting for the soccer fun to begin.  there were kids of all ages and abilities. Mark quickly took charge and began organizing the clinic.  He began with a little devotion on what we say and think while we are playing and told the kids that they should ask "What would Jesus do?" when they might feel frustration. Next he broke everyone into two groups. While one group was working on their soccer skills with Mark, the other group wase with Barbara, Diane and Joanne getting their faces painted, their fingernails painted, blowing bubbles and jumping rope. I was the photographer for the morning until I became the office jump rope twirler with Joanne. Kids were everywhere!!!  We finished the morning with the kids practicing their newly learned skills in a competitive soccer game.

We went to Pastor Jaime and Ruth's house for a home cooked Bolivian lunch. It was outstanding!!!!!  We truly appreciated it and loved it. Joanne is going to try and get a few recipes to bring back. The soup was to die for.....

In the afternoon we went back to the church to watch the Florida Norte group conduct their VBS sessions. They had about 80 kids these last two days. Again, kids were everywhere!!  Matthew had us all lead the kids in a song with silly body movements. The kids loved it as we were singing and dancing and laughing and wiggling our various body parts. Jenny from Florida Norte led three child actors in a drama about good conquering evil. It was well done and was apparent that they had learned their early VBS lessons well.

Tonight we are back at church witht he leadership team leading them through a series of activities to help them develop a new church structure model that will enable them to reach their Vision of doubling in 2 years.

We continue to have small challenges and also to continue to see God's hand in all of the solutions as they present themselves.

More tomorrow....

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