Monday, July 4, 2011

Rock, Paper Scissors!

Hello everyone,

Well leave it to me to figure out fun games in Spanish! I tried to teach the kids rock, paper, scissors and of course they already knew it. So after losing a few games to Pastor Jaime's son, Evan, they taught us a hand game. It was about10:00pm when we started playing the game while waiting for our food from Frankfurter's. We all had burgers and hot dogs which were quite good. In the the picture is Brenda, Evan and James who are Pastor Jaime and Ruth's children. They are just such wonderful kids and willing to laugh with us!

Thank you all for praying for us it seems like our luggage is now in this country, except for Barbara's bag! We are sure that it will come, Dios Sabe! God is continuing to bless us and sustain us, we will go shopping for some groceries today!

In Christ,


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