Friday, July 8, 2011

'Unity' from mateo

Thank you for your continued prayers!  The word for today, Thursday July 7 is UNITY.

*God has given our team a deep unity in our love for one another and our ability to partner together in ministry.  He is using the gifts and abilities of each person to serve the people of Bolivia and it is a joy to witness.

 *God has united our hearts and minds with Pastor Jaime San Martin and his family.  Pastor Jaime is the new pastor of Florida Norte church.  Pastor Jaime began serving in April (yes only 3 months ago!) and God has given him a great love for the people of Florida Norte.  Pastor Jaime is a man of integrity, vision, humor, grace and strong faith in Christ.  Tonight he was able to present a ministry organizational plan to his church after the past 3 days of workshops with our team.  Before we arrived in Cochabamba, he had been working on a strategic plan, mission and vision for the Florida Norte congregation, and the people of the congregation are beginning to embrace it and share their ideas and thoughts about reaching people for Christ in Bolivia and the world.

*The congregation at Florida Norte are asking for prayers for unity in purpose and reconciliation among past relationships where trust has been questioned.  The Holy Spirit has done a good work among them over the past year, but they have asked for us to continue to pray for unity among the believers. 

*God has given Florida Norte young teachers who are unified in their efforts of reaching children for Jesus.  This is VERY evident in their VBS.  The young teachers are creative, joyful, Christ-centered and committed to reaching children and families for Christ.  It is a joy to encourage and equip them.

*I have been to Bolivia four times (2002, 2003, 2010 and 2011). The people of Florida Norte are not just my brothers and sisters in Christ but they are my friends.  My heart is filled with joy when I see kids that we once taught in VBS now teaching VBS.   Thank you for allowing me to come and be united with them in our Christian faith.

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