Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, July 10th from Barbara

Good Morning!  I can't believe that we leave for home tomorrow.  I will miss all of the poeople I have met this week.  The Bolivian people are very friendly and welcoming.  My blonde hair has been a big attraction. We met a bride and groom o the street last evening who asked if they could take a picture with me!!!

Our hopes and goals for this trip have been far surpassed. We are amazed how hungry the people of Florida Norte are to grow their church.  We have done much work with the Pastor and Church leaders who have all had an opportunity to have their thoughts heard.  Each of our sessions and our all day retreat have been attended by many people.  Thank you, God! 

Pastor is a very bright and loving man (who also is a physician).  He has told us how much this has meant to him and has asked if he can skype once a month as a follow up.  Praise God!

Your prayers have been felt every step of our way.  Thank you all!!!!!!  Thank you to all of the senders who supplied funds and gifts for us to better serve the Church here.  Being here for the first time I now realize how much this all means.

We will see you soon!

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