Monday, July 11, 2011

Well, that went fast!

It's Monday already and we have a nice SLOW day planned. We will meet with Pastor Jaime first thing this morning to go over some final information and give him the PCs loaded with files and materials (WARNING: more translation work is needed ahead). 

We have a little shopping in the concha to do today and will have an early dinner before we head to the airport and home.  We heard a lot of "hasta la manana" as we were leaving last night so I think our send-off committee will be large!

Last night was our final service and it was AWESOME!  I smiled the largest when we heard Elder Lalo talk about starting up a prayer ministry for them to begin to pray for each other. They talked about many other ministries they want to start up from the things they learned from us.

I come away phycially tired and spiritually energized. I am humbled by watching how God can work through his servants who are willing to serve Him. It is amazing to see him use his North American children to work in love with his South American childeren.

Thank you for praying us thorough this. Please continue to pray for us today for our safe travels home.

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