Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gracias Hermanos and Hermanas!

As you can see from the title of my post I am now bilingual! What an amazing experience it was to travel to Bolivia again and this time with Joanne! I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayer support and their financial support. I am still trying to process everything but the experience was truly wonderful. My Spanish is definitely "FATAL" (this means bad in Spanish!) but God allowed us to communicate with the people in Bolivia through smiles and Abel, Diane, and Joanne , our translators. Sitting in church services in Bolivia was a wonderful experience because even though I only understood every 10th word I still felt the Holy Spirit working in my life. I can't wait to be able to communicate with everyone at Florida Norte in the same language in Heaven! In the meantime, I will try to practice my Spanish.  Dios te bendiga (sp) "God Bless"
                                                                                                         "Donde Esta...?" Hmmmm..........

In Christ,

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