Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th , Happy 4th from Barbara

 Let me begin with all luggage, including mine, has arrived in Santa Cruz.  All 11 bags will be on a flight to Cochabamba which will arrive here at 3:00 this afternoon.  Praise God!

Secondly, you have not lived until you are eating breakfast in the garden on the 4th of July while hearing Matthew sing all of our national songs in the shower!!!!!!!

Last evening was AMAZING!  We went to the Sunday evening prayer service at the Florida Norte Church.
We have never been welcomed so openly.  Every person, man , woman and child greeted us with a kiss and a hand shake and huge smile when we arrived.  Early in the service they called us up to the front of the church to introduce us by name.  Once that was done we began to sit down....but oh no that would not do.  They had us in a receiving line where they could each and everyone welcome us again with kisses and hugs.

The people of Florida Norte are Diane's special gift.  They adore her!  We get big smiles...the smiles overtake their faces when they see her.  Mark has all of the children mesmorised. Playing soccer is going to be great fun.

Pastor Jaime and his wife, Ruth and their children could not be nicer!  What a wonderful family!
More later...keep praying!
Love to all,

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